Hungry Girl

"We get what all the rioting's about... These are little cacao nibs dunked in some SERIOUS chocolate … These have only 1 - 2 calories per piece (or as they say on the tin, “peace”), and you don’t need to eat too many at once — that tin’ll likely last you awhile. Plus, they pack a WHOLLOP in the antioxidant department! Yay!" Hungry Girl

Hungry Girl

"Wow these things are good -- teeny pieces of cacao (the bean that chocolate is made from) coated in dark chocolate. Even if you're not a fan of dark chocolate, you'll likely fall head over heels in love with these crazy-cute snacks." Hungry Girl

"Part of small being the new big is that the founder of the food company can spend a Saturday giving out samples at a key store. Because she needs to. Because she can. Because the feedback is essential." Seth Godin

"...replace those sugar-laden chocolate bars and truffles that easily contain 50-75g carbs in them that are decidedly unhealthy for you. Choosing SweetRiot instead gives you the chocolate treat you want and desire without the guilt."  Livin' La Vida Low-Carb

"They're crunchy little chocolate bits. Do you not like chocolate or crunch? Hells no!"  The Girl Who Ate Everything

"In fact the reaction was so good, that when we came back this morning, we found the other two tins had been raided too!!"  psfk

"I think I might be in love all over again with the nibs from sweetriot."  Candy Blog

"The thing about sweetriot... is how handmade it all is. Handmade box, handmade label, even the little cocoa morsels appear handmade."  Seth Godin


"...sweetriot aims to combine them with a luscious dark chocolate coating AND social activism. Their mission? 'To create a more just and celebrated multicultural world for our next generation.'"  Sugar Savvy

"...the best candy I have had in quite a while - it is really good stuff. All three varieties are fan-freakin-tastic."  Candy Addict

"...itís good for us, good for the farmers, good for the environment and good for the future (oh, and don't forget good tasting)."  The Food Paper

"This stuff rocks. Seriously. And it could be healthy? (Even if it is not, Iím going to make myself believe it is.)"  Howard Greenstein

"...unlike diet-derailing chocolate bars, each tin is only 140 calories - so even if you indulge in the entire thing, the damage is less than extensive."  Fashiontribes

"...terrific little tins that are adorned with artwork that matches the flavor of the cacao... complex and a little nutty (like me, badumbum)." ariped

"Guess what comes from South America, highly addictive, in powder form and come tightly wrapped in silver looking cover? No, not that one. It's cacao." nomadlife

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