50 Things Every Rioter Should Do

  1. Eat cacao every day of the year and twice on Cinco de Mayo when you go to Mexico
  2. Assemble a cacao hoarding unit for your bedroom
  3. Attend the running of the bulls in Spain in your pajamas
  4. Climb Mt. St. Helens, pick up a small rock then yodel
  5. Walk across the Sahara with only a canteen and cacao nibs
  6. Sing karaoke in your hometown bar
  7. Skinny dip in Iceland
  8. Drink Chinese Oolong tea with a side of smoked salmon and cacao sprinkles
  9. Collect German shepherds
  10. Learn how to whittle little sticks into figurines, then sell them
  11. Say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards
  12. Sell girl scout cookies door to door in London
  13. Be an extra in a major motion picture
  14. Have a picnic in Paris during a thunderstorm
  15. Send love letters to people you don't know
  16. Hum at people when they are least expecting
  17. Read children's stories to neighborhood children
  18. Go to see the Terra Cotta Soldiers in China while eating a twinkie
  19. Learn to sing like a Tibetan Monk
  20. Paddle down the Nile on a surf board
  21. Watch the sunrise while blowing soap bubbles
  22. Collect seashells with your toes in Colombia
  23. Learn to say "Where's the cacao?" in 20 different languages
  24. Take a ride on the Funicular railway
  25. Learn how to wrap a sari in India
  26. Harvest truffles with pigs in Italy
  27. Cross the Brooklyn bridge backward
  28. Run a marathon in flip-flops in Kenya
  29. Call the Prime Minister of Iceland - he's in the phone book
  30. Attempt to borrow a stranger's belt
  31. Book a table for two and take your cat to dinner
  32. Play the kazoo in a marching band
  33. Dye your hair to match your backpack
  34. Design a silo
  35. Learn to sheer a sheep and make a sweater
  36. Lick a 9 volt battery
  37. Visit a potato chip factory in Belgium
  38. Pour flubber into a waffle iron
  39. Have tea and crumpets with a queen
  40. Adopt a gerbil and name it Hanky
  41. Buy a bean bag chair for every color of the rainbow
  42. Answer the phone in Swahili
  43. Fight for the innocent
  44. Hug a stalactite
  45. Play tag with a dog
  46. Dance the Macarena on stilts in Brazil
  47. Storm a castle in Ireland
  48. Walk into a dressing room and nonchalantly change into a superhero outfit
  49. Play the accordion on the sidewalks of an urban city
  50. Scream "that's it!" when getting brain freeze
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