Cool Companies

Check out our Riot Roll of cool companies, which we rioters appreciate. What constitutes placement on the Riot Roll? Well, the company must be ...

The Roll

The first Riot Roll was created in honor of MacWorld 2005 — we saw so much inventiveness in one place. Following innovative, out-of-the-box companies like Apple is an important source of inspiration. Plus, we have been called the iPod of the chocolate world. Sweet!

The Roll includes:

iSkin — they were there first creating protective skins for our iPods. They are a cool group of young founders from Canada who put design first. One of their latest designs is Japanese Anime created by an Italian artist.

Crumpler — this Aussie company has a great vibe and great products. They are approachable, open, and a bit quirky. Their giveaway at the show was a red apple with a crumpler sticker on it.

Honorable Mentions:

PumpPod — fitness on your iPod

iFace — a Taiwanese based company with beautifully designed skins

Etchamac — they can etch amazing artwork on your computer shell — wow!

LifePod — now you can buy a boombox bag and plug in your iPod!

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